Robyn Wheeler
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PrideRock Wildlife Refuge hopes you had a great new year and started off with a bang. Unfortunately, 2017 started off to a rocky start for PrideRock as our early 1990 tractor has died. Repair estimates come in at around $3,000-$4,000. As a nonprofit, PrideRock does not have the funds to repair the tractor.

This tractor(photo) is the most important piece of equipment on the sanctuary. It is used to haul food, materials for repairing and building enclosures, pulling trailers and much more. The tractor also saves our staff from injuring themselves by physically moving items too heavy to lift.

Should you come across a lead on a new or used tractor at a reasonable price, please contact Media Relations Specialist Robyn Wheeler at (972) 345-8544 or

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