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Painting Your Wood Floors: Big Mistake or Brilliant Design Hack?® Real Estate News 12/6 9:00A Margaret Heidenry
Getty Images I bought a 100-year-old house with wood floors that had seen a lot of wear and tear. And many other parts of the house were quite literally falling apart (or off the house as was the case...

Former Sears CEO Eddie Lampert Selling $35M Aspen Mansion® Real Estate News 12/6 3:00A Jennifer Kelly Geddes
Getty Images / Billionaire Eddie Lampert will be spending less time on the slopes. The one-time CEO and chairman of retail and service chain Sears has listed his seven-bedroom,...

Best Healthy Home Upgrades For 2023

Forbes Real Estate 12/6 1:00A Jamie Gold, Contributor
Circadian lighting, also called tunable lighting or human centric lighting, is another way to boost wellness in this category.

6 Home Renovation Mistakes Most People Make During the Winter® Real Estate News 12/6 12:00A Brittany Natale
Getty Images Renovating a home, no matter the time of year, can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming. However, renovating in the winter may come with its own set of additional issues. Exterior...

What Happens If I Have a Lien on My House?® Real Estate News 12/5 11:00A Jeanne Sager
sshepard/iStock This is a question you might face when it comes time to sell your place. Basically, it means that before this transaction can go through, you ll have to deal with this lien, which is...
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